About Us

Hello everyone,


Elevated Home Products formed because we’re always looking for ways to improve our home environment. In recent years Americans have been spending more and more time at home than ever before. As a result, the scope of their focus has changed, and some were no longer satisfied by the products they were purchasing. Elevated Home Products is here to help bring awareness to lesser known brands and what we believe to be better alternatives for you.


We believe that product innovation and consumer value still exist in solid brands with strong networks of independent retailers. Unfortunately, we find that the better a brand is, the less known they are. We’re here to help tell their stories and introduce you to the them.


Think- every dollar a manufacture spends on advertising is one less dollar that manufacture can spend on the research, design and manufacturing of their products.


How many times have you purchased a product based off an advertisement, come home from work, find it delivered on you doorstep, read the instructions manual, set it up, use it and be disappointed? Maybe the disappointment doesn’t hit right away but eventually it set in.


That is one of the main reasons to support and shop at local retailers. When you’re making important decisions that affect your everyday life, shouldn’t you consult a professional in that field? Shouldn’t you feel it and test it yourself before you buy?


On this site you will only find brands and products that fit our standards and where you may find them. There are many great products out there, we’ve just selected our favorite few and will expand as time goes on.


Since the retailers on our dealer locator are independently owned, inventory, prices and participation may vary. Independent retailers genuinely know what is good for their customers and offer the best products tailored to their personal demographics. Call your local retailer today and see what they suggest before going!


Stay healthy, stay happy!
Elevated Home Products