Strength In Community: Our Covid-19 Response

Essential, locally owned, safe and open for business


During these trying times, the independent retailers found on our dealer locator have been widely deemed essential businesses by their local governments and therefor have stayed open to serve their public.


Most of these locally owned, “Mom and Pop” shops have created safe protocol for their staff and consumers, offer communication via text if preferred and curbside pick up of products.  They have also diversified their offerings to support their local communities’ needs. 

When toilet paper, cleaning products and hand sanitizer were virtually out of stock through large online retail websites and big box stores, independently owned retailers had solid, diverse, well-knit supply chains.


How can a product be sold out at a big box store but available at a locally owned establishment? 


Simple! Independently owned retailers are not placing giant orders for an entire national chain of stores. When there is a shortage these orders cannot be fulfilled by manufactures and distributors. Local retailers on the other hand are ordering just for their store(s) and can likely get the products you need.


Not only do these specialty retailers probably have the products you need, they probably have a better version of the products you are use to buying! Independent retail owners are extremely knowledgeable of their craft whether it be cleaning products, vacuum’s, clothing, gardening supplies, Sewing machines, sound equipment, you name it. The point is the person who owns that business most likely has been doing it for years! Do you think that industry veteran is going to choose to represent inferior products?


We thank you for your support and hope you remember to always shop at knowledgeable, friendly, locally owned independent retailers!

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