How To Properly Protect, Care For And Clean High End Countertops

At Elevated Home Products, we love Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center’s products. All of Fred’s products that we’ve used have really worked better than what else we have found.  Whether you’re trying to clean your appliances, cabinets, windows, bathrooms, showers, sinks, ETC- you wont be disappointed.  The same is true for countertops which we will talk about today.


A lot of cleaning products on the market today are too acidic or alkaline and do damage overtime or immediately to delicate surfaces such as stone.  That is why Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center’s Daily Cleaner was designed to have a neutral PH. Neutral PH is obtained when the molecular make up of a product isn’t acidic or alkaline. Since Fred’s Daily Cleaner has a Neutral PH, it is completely safe to use on stone or any hard, wet-cleanable surfaces.  The Daily Cleaner also has a fresh neutral scent so when your counters are clean they don’t smell all chemically and nasty.  Feel free to lightly spray and clean every surface in your home with Fred’s Daily Cleaner!


One of the bonuses we’ve found with this product is that because Fred’s Daily Cleaner isn’t made up of harsh chemicals like alcohol, bleach or butyl, our hands don’t dry out, crack or itch after using the cleaner.  To us, this is worth its weight in gold alone! We hate cleaning products that leave our skin feeling terrible or force us to use and wear environmentally unfriendly gloves.  


Protecting your countertops is also important. That’s where Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center’s Weekly Counter Polish comes in. Fred’s Weekly Counter Polish is a special formula that was designed to safely protect and polish countertops, faucet fixtures, sink basins, glass shower doors, and more. This product adds a surface barrier that has a shine and protection that goes beyond sealers. Simply spray a light amount of product on to the surface, wipe with a Fred’s Ultra Plush Microfiber Towel then simply flip the towel over and lightly buff to a shine. This will help protect your countertops from etching caused by acidic spills which could be anything from lemon juice to salad dressing,  wine etc.


When you use these products together, it will make surfaces stay cleaner longer and make it easier to clean later. This will help to extend the life of finishes and help to eliminate costly repairs or replacement! Fred’s is so sure that you will be happy with their products, they offer a satisfaction guarantee on all their products.  Part of their satisfaction guarantee comes from the fact that households that use Fred’s are cleaner than and tend to use less cleaner on average than households that use other leading brands! That is because Fred’s formulas are unique, user friendly and extremely effective! This makes Fred’s products super cost effective in the long run.


On top of their satisfaction guarantee, Fred’s promises that when used on the appropriate surfaces, with Fred’s Ultra Plush Microfiber Towel, these products are 100% streak free and residue free.  This will leave your surfaces not only looking great but feeling extremely smooth.


Let’s face it, when we invest in stone or other high end countertops we want them to shine! There is no better way to keep them shining longer than Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center!  But, don’t take our word for it, find your local retailer and see / feel the difference today!   

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