How We Clean Our Dog's Bed...And More!

Here at Elevated Home Products, WE LOVE DOGS: Big dogs, small dogs, dogs that sleep, dogs that run, dogs that talk, dogs that destroy our wonderfully put together homes, dogs that steal all the covers and even dogs that do not fetch. But we admit it. Dogs can get stinky! And we bet, one of the dirtiest places in your home, if not your kid’s room, is probably your dogs’ bed.  Here at Elevated Home Products, we have a Four step, six product process that renews the cover on our dog’s bed and has it smelling great.  The greatest part is all the products used in our processes do not contain harmful chemicals that are hazardous to our precious, little cuddle bugs! 

1.  Vacuum the outer cover of the dog bed and uncover it from the inner mattress: For this part we use a SEBO vacuum’s hand-held, air driven turbo brush. A hand-held, air driven turbo brush uses the suction motor of the vacuum plus the air driven brush roller helps agitate the bed cover and picks up a lot of debris normally missed when cleaned without one. We love SEBO vacuums because their brand’s simple features and designs mechanics which create a naturally clog resistant air flow path and problem free home appliance.

SEBO Hand-held Air Driven Turbo Brush Vacuuming The Dog Bed

2.  Pretreat the outer cover of the dog bed: For this step we generously spray Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center’s Enzyme Spot Remover on the cover. We Then sprinkle and rub in with a brush SEBO Duo-P Powder and let it sit for about 30 minutes to an hour. This allows the two products to work together and start the cleaning process which gets the cover ready to be washed. For our convenience the Dou-P Powder Clean Box has a brush built into the lid.

Mist Dog Bed with Fred's Enzyme Spot Remover
Scrub In SEBO Duo P Powder And Let Sit

3.  Wash the other cover of the dog bed: At home we use our Speed Queen washer. We use the heavy-duty cycle with cold water. We use one scoop of Nellie’s LAUNDRY SODA and one scoop of Nellie’s OXYGEN BRIGHTENER. These two are great simple products that have very little ingredients and pack a lot of cleaning power! After it washes, we suggest you hang dry it to make sure it does not shrink.


4.  Finishing Touches: After the cover is dry and back on the dog bed, spray Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center’s SoFresh Fabric & Upholstery Refresher. This will give the dog bed a fresh linen scent. Feel free to spray this in between washes and anywhere else that might need some refreshing in between cleanings 😊

So Fresh
Spray Fred's SoFresh On The Dog Bed To Keep It Smelling Fresh!
Our Newly Cleaned Dog Bed

Extra Credit: While the cover is in the wash, spray the foam pad with Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center’s Enzyme Spot Remover, let it dry and then spray it with the Fred’s Fine Cleaning Center’s SoFresh Fabric & Upholster Refresher.

Let’s face it, we all know that dogs almost always end up in their humans’ beds anyway. Thankfully the above process works great on comfiter covers, blankets, removable washable couch cushion covers, sheets, ETC.

Here's some dogs whose masters happen to sell these products!