Why is the SEBO AIRBELT D4 Premium
our favorite canister vacuum?


Over our years of experience we’ve used a lot of canister vacuums with powerheads. They are a great purchase for anyone who is serious about cleaning but built specifically for customers who have multiple styles of flooring in their home: carpet, rugs, tile, laminate, wood flooring ETC. At Elevated Home Products, we love the AIRRBELT D4 Premium by SEBO for multiple reasons.

The AIRBELT D4 Premium isn’t necessarily a better cleaning tool than other premium canister vacuums, but it is the most convenient canister vacuum we have found!

It is the only canister vacuum we’ve found that has a 40 foot retractable power cord!

This combined with the AIRBELT D4 Premium’s seven foot electrified, clog resistant hose and its five foot telescoping wand creates a 104 foot cleaning circumference! It the largest cleaning reach we’ve found in its class by 30 feet! The next longest retractable cord on the market is only 25 feet. This length of cord can be found on the AIRBELT E3 Premium and others.

To go along with the longest retractable cord we’ve seen, the AIRBELT D4 Premium has the largest Hospital grade, ultra-filtered dirt disposal bag on the market.


It has a 1.5-gallon dirt disposal bag. This size capacity will last its average consumers along time.  In fact most SEBO customers report changing their ultra-filtered dirt disposal bag every one to three months. 

Compared to other canister vacuum bags on the market, each D4 dirt disposal bag will last you a long time.


For example, a lot of popular Miele vacuums use GN Air Clean bags. Their maximum capacity is 4.76-quarts or 1.19-gallons. The AIRBELT D4 Premium’s dirt disposal bag is a whole quart larger by comparison!


Add that with SEBO’s legendary low cost of ownership and the D4 will save you a lot of money in the long run!


The AIRBELT D4 Premium follows around its driver like a dream. The D4 sits evenly on top of four casters that all spin in 360 degrees and has a hose that swivels almost 360 degrees at the base and handle.


These features together allow you to take sharper corners with virtually no concerns


about tipping over the canister. The D4 was designed in Germany with mobility and stability in mind for sure! This unique design combination is extremely rare these days. Now adays, most canisters sit upon a tripod of casters which allow for more tipping in use. 


SEBO backs their products by a more than generous warranty. The AIRBELT D4 Premium comes standard with a 5 years non wear-parts, 7 year motor warranty. If purchased through an authorized dealer the warranty can be extended to a 10 year non-wear parts, 10 year motor warranty. Ask your local, authorized dealer about SEBO’s Onyx Collection and extended warranty today! Click here for SEBO’s authorized dealer locator.

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