Why is the SEBO Automatic X7
Premium Pet the "King" of all vacuums?

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Over years of experience I’ve used a lot of vacuums cleaners: canisters, uprights, sticks, bagged and bagless. Choosing to purchase a bagged vacuum cleaner is a great starting point for anyone who wants to actually clean their home. The Automatic X7 Premium Pet by SEBO is manufactured specifically for customers who have multiple styles of flooring and carpets in their home and pets! Elevated Home Products considers the X7 Premium Pet to be the King of all vacuums for multiple reasons.



For starters, the X7 Premium Pet is a part of SEBO’s Onyx Collection and has a warranty of 10 year non-wear parts, 10 year motor. This is a super impressive warranty that should instill a lot of consumer confidence in this amazing, German, household appliance. Most warranties of non-SEBO vacuum cleaners for non-wear parts are 1-3 years. Most warranties of non-SEBO vacuum cleaners for motors are 1-5 years. The Onyx Collection is only sold at authorized retailers’ stores.



The vacuum comes standard with a 9.2 foot extension hose and a handheld turbo brush which are great for cleaning stairs, couches and pet hair. The extension hose turns the 6 foot standard hose of the vacuum into a 15 foot hose. This makes cleaning with attachments super convenient. The Automatic X7 Premium Pet also comes with a S-Class Charcoal / Anti-Odor pre-motor filter. This filter works great and keeps your vacuum smelling fresh if you have pets.



The Automatic X platform are some of the only vacuums I’ve found that have a 40 foot power cord! Most vacuums I’ve seen have a 15-30 foot long power cord. This extra long power cord gives the person cleaning an extra 20-50 feet of cleaning reach. Isn’t it annoying when you must walk back to your vacuum’s plug, unplug it and plug it back in in a closer outlet just to clean the last few rooms of your house? With the X7 Premium Pet and a centralized plug, I can easily clean my entire house without worrying if the cord is long enough or not.



For reference I own a one-story, 1,250SqFt home.



One question I have been asked a lot is, “what is your opinion on cordless / battery powered vacuums?”



I have not heard of a battery powered vacuum where the battery lasts long enough and/or carries the performance necessary to clean my entire home to my satisfaction. They are convenient for quick kitchen clean ups but the battery usually dies or the vacuum’s suction motor loses power well before I finish the job of cleaning my whole house.



At that point I have to walk to the battery charger, which I keep stored in the garage, replace the dead battery with a secondary battery and then go back and finish the job. In my opinion having a power cord that is plugged into a vast, consistent power supply is much more convenient, reliable and effective.



The X7 Premium Pet has a 1.4-gallon ultra-filtered, dirt disposal bag. This size capacity will last its average consumers along time.  In fact most SEBO customers report changing their ultra-filtered dirt disposal bag every 2-4 months. Compared to other vacuum bags on the market, each dirt disposal bag for the X7 Premium Pet will last you a long time.



The flagship feature of the Automatic X platform is the automatic height adjustment. The Automatic X7 Premium Pet electronically measures the height of your carpet or hard surfaces and takes the guess work out of vacuuming correctly for you! This allows you to vacuum all around your house without adjusting your vacuum pending on what carpet or flooring your on. Just keep vacuuming and let the control board of the X7 Premium Pet will do the rest!



The automatic height adjustment feature doesn’t only make vacuuming easier, it also helps protect your carpet and the vacuum cleaner. Think about it. If the vacuum is adjusted too high, you’re not actually cleaning the carpet. If the vacuum is adjusted to low, you are stressing out the vacuum’s motor, belts and brush roller while potentially damaging the carpets or flooring.



In fact SEBO warranties the belts of all Automatic X vacuums for the life of the machine. That is how confident they are in this technology.

Another great feature of the X7 Premium Pet and in fact all SEBO vacuums with a belt driven, motorized brush roller is that they are super easy to clean. Pushing down the “brush roll removal” button pops out the end cap. At this point you can easily remove the brush roller and remove any long hair that has made its way around it. This is one of many reasons why that the X7 Premium Pet is a great pet vacuum.  



Finally my favorite feature of this vacuum is that it was engineered with a very slim profile and can lay completely flat. This coffee table stands off the ground 7.5 inches! The X7 Premium Pet has a cleaning height clearance of only 6.5 inches. Gone are the days when I used to have to move the coffee table in order to vacuum the rug. This alone make this chore way more efficient, less timely, easier and has made my life way better.



I guarantee, I will never go furniture shopping again without keeping the X7 Premium Pet’s cleaning height clearance in mind.

For me, cleaning is a chore that ends up on my “honey do” list a lot.  This vacuum makes the chore go by much quicker and much easier. That is something I deeply appreciate.



DISCLAIMER: I clearly like upright vacuums more than canisters. That doesn’t mean they are “better.” If you want to see a review of my favorite canister vacuum click here!



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