The IDEAL AS10 indoor air sensor measures the air composition, indoor climate and possible environmental impacts – all in real time. The device performs three main functions: 1. Measuring and displaying the air quality, 2. Automatic control of connected IDEAL AP PRO air purifiers and 3.  All IDEAL AP PRO air purifiers can be controlled online via the “IDEAL AIR PRO” app.


The IDEAL AS10 measures particulate matter PM2.5 and PM10, as well as VOCs, temperature, air humidity and air pressure. All of these values are displayed in the associated “IDEAL AIR PRO” app. The IDEAL AS10 also shows the air quality on the device itself with a six-step color scheme. This color scheme ranges from green (“good”) to dark violet (“hazardous”).


In automatic mode, the IDEAL AS10 can monitor all connected IDEAL AP PRO air purifiers. With the “IDEAL AIR PRO” app.

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  • – Power supply 5 V micro USB cable
  • – Power consumption max. 500 mA
  • – Measuring interval 1 second
  • – Transmission interval 60 seconds
  • – Calibration interval 24 months
  • – Dimensions (H x W x D) 65 x 65 x 65 mm
  • – Weight (g) 150

Click here to download the AS-10 Sales Sheet


We love the AS10 for its performance and its convenience! The AS10 is so small you will barely see it. Its control over all of your machines makes cleaning the air in every room easy and efficient. The AS10 retails at $399.00 and is a great addition to any IDEAL AP whole home system. It is backed by a 1 year limited warranty.


If you’d like us to help you get in touch with a specialist, check out our dealer locator or call (877) 453-8283 and we’d gladly assist you.

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