Nellie’s WOW TOO

The Nellie’s WOW TOO is a lightweight, low profile, cordless, microfiber floor scrubber that vibrates two pads on your floor and sprays cleaning solution from the front.



In other words… It is the electric toothbrush for your floors!

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The microfiber floor pads are machine washable and good for 100 washes! That is a lot of disposable wipes that would end up in the land fill! Nellie’s Floor Care solution is pet friendly and has a nice lemongrass fragrance that everyone seems to love. The WOW TOO lists for $329 and is a great cleaning tool for anyone who wants to get off their hands and needs while scrubbing the floors. It is backed by a two year replacement warranty. In our opinion, the WOW TOO is a great upgrade from the WOW MOP.



Click Here to read more about the upgrades Nellie’s has introduced in the design of the WOW TOO from the WOW Mop.

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