SEBO vacuums are as good as they come. Backed by a standard 5- year non wear parts, 7-year motor warranty, these machines usually last consumers between 10-30 years. SEBO vacuums have been manufactured in Germany since 1978 and have great features, filtration and build quality that you will not find with other brands. We find that their standard of quality is unmatched and because of the longevity of their products, we find SEBO vacuums to be a better value at every price point compared to their competitors. Think about it, how many vacuums will you buy off a shelf or through a website that offers very limited to no industry knowledge over the next 10-30 years? How much will that cost you? How much will that help your local economy?

As of June 2020, if you visit an authorized SEBO dealers nationwide, you will be introduced to an exclusive, immensely powerful collection of vacuums SEBO calls the Onyx Collection. The Onyx Collection comes with an extended warranty that almost double the standard warranty period of SEBO vacuums to 10-year non wear parts, 10-year motor warranty! Vacuums in the Onyx Collection also come with heavily discounted, extremely useful cleaning accessories to make your life easier and the chore quicker!


We love SEBO as a brand because they fully understand that 3rd party websites are good distributors of merchandise but do not have the tools necessary to provide consumer or product support for an entire decade. That is why the Onyx Collection is only available locally, in store and not online on websites like AMAZON. In fact, most SEBO Vacuums are not even available on 3rd party websites. Check out some of our favorite products below!


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