The AUTOMATIC X7 Premium Pet is the world’s most technically advanced and uniquely easy-to-use vacuum cleaner! The X7 Premium Pet is a part of SEBO’s exclusive Onyx Collection and has a slew of features that is designed to make your life easier and the chore of vacuuming faster including a 40-foot cord which is great for larger homes, on board cleaning attachments, a cleaning wand, an easy to remove / maintain brush roller and a slim profile with a powerful LED light that goes flat to the ground for getting under beds and around furniture. The X7 Premium Pet also has revolutionary automatic height adjustment.  

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Unlike other vacuums, the X7 Premium Pet features truly automatic height adjustment which uses an electronic controller that measures the resistance of the spinning brush roller against the floor’s surface. Depending on the reading it either raises or lowers the brush roll. This ensures optimal cleaning performance on both carpets and hard floors.



The X7 Premium Pet has an easy to replace 1.4-gallon Hospital grade, ultra-filtered dirt disposal bag that is top filled and packs like a sack of flower. We find the average consumer only replaces the dirt disposal bag 6-14 times a year which leads to low cost of ownership over the life of the machine. Finally the vacuum comes with a 9 foot extension stretch hose and air driven hand turbo for cleaning stairs and pet hair off furniture. The extension stretch hose turns the standard 6-FT hose into a 15-FT hose. The X7 Premium Pet also comes with a granulated charcoal filter upgrade to help combat pet odors.



The X7 Premium Pet lists for $1199 and is SEBO’s top of the line upright. When compared to its competition it falls right in line with their price points even though it is made in Germany and is a part of SEBO’s Onyx collection which comes with an extended warranty of 10-year non wear parts, 10-year motor.



We recently wrote a blog about why we consider it the King of all vacuums. ***SPOILER ALERT*** It’s all about convenience. Click here to read it!


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