The DART by SEBO is a duel motor upright for your cleaning needs. It comes with a 31-foot cord, manual height adjustment, 2 cleaning attachments on board, a quick grab cleaning hose, a removable brush roller and a slim, flat to floor profile for getting under beds and around furniture.

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Since the DART is a dual motor machine, consumers can turn off the brush roll motor to clean their hard floors as well. For an upright vacuum in its price point, this vacuum really separates itself from the crowed because it has fantastic edge cleaning.


Therefor it does a tremendous job on hard surfaces when adjusted properly. Also for its price we find the DART to be extremely reliable and durable when compared to its competitors.



We find that the DART does great on hard floors and low to medium pile carpet. Unfortunately the DART is harder to push on medium high pile, high pile and thicker carpets. Therefore if you have these type of carpet, you’ll need different vacuum.



The DART lists for $599 and is SEBO’s entry level upright. When compared to its competition it falls right in line with their price points even though it is made in Germany and comes with a better than average warranty. Most vacuums in its class come with a warranty of 1-3 years.

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